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While technology helps bring the world closer together, it also helps open doors to farther reaches than ever before. From services to manufacturing, design and construction, we’re able to do almost anything, from anywhere in the world today.

Some of the largest businesses in the world are ‘faceless’ businesses, which neither have, nor require a direct presence and involvement with customers. A phone call, video chat or email will often suffice to accomplish what once was relegated to skyrise operations.

However, remote businesses are very unique, just as their operation is. A different scope of challenges makes remote businesses the domain of the determined hustler, but also of the occasional blogger. No office, no restrictions on working hours or place, no bounds. Remote business owners can run their businesses from anywhere in the world, at any and all hours, with little more than a laptop, phone, and willingness.

Nomadic Guild itself is a remote business, with our team of recruiters located in various continents, in various time zones. Our type of work not only suits, but also thrives on being remote. We have the advantage of encompassing a diverse workforce, with differing backgrounds and experiences, which helps us create and execute strategies not available to fixed recruiters.

As a remote business, we therefore understand the needs, pains, challenges and trials your business faces. Afterall, we started with just 2 people.

Our database has thousands of potential candidates to fill almost any position available within your business. However, should we not have a suitable candidate available, one of our key differences provides us a valuable edge; we search, we don’t wait.


Nomadic Guild’s policy is that we don’t have a job board, to ‘cast and wait’ for candidates. Businesses don’t have the time to wait weeks, or even months for a list that may contain the candidate they want, or more, need. Our direct methodology was born from the way we recruited our own experts, and we’ve spent the last 2 years refining and expanding our techniques. Match this to our proprietary ATS, AI assisted search & verification, and full-service turn-key solutions, we’re able to offer our clients and end to end recruiting service, cutting costs and delays.


Industry Specific Consulting

Our team of recruiters are able to help your business make the most of your recruiting drive. From developing a recognizable brand candidates strive to work with, to retaining and expanding your existing workforce.

We work with businesses at all stages of the enterprise spectrum, so if your business could benefit from professional, impartial and accountable advice, contact one of our expert consultants today.

Testing & Assessments

Having the right person for the job is more than a wisdom, it's the difference between growth and decline. This is why Nomadic Guild has built a series of testing parameters and assessment frameworks to help us gauge a candidates suitability for a clients business.

Additionally, we're able to custom create testing & assessment programs to suit individual clients' needs.


As part of our comprehensive offering, Nomadic Guild can offer client's a full turn around service, including interviewing of candidates. We work with client's to understand their needs and targets, and develop an interviewing strategy which allows us to deliver a truly turn-key solution as far as talent is concerned.

For more information on how we can help your business streamline its recruiting process, please click here.

Services &

Short-term staff required for a set time or project.
Expertise when needed.

Long term recruits filling the most common positions within your business.

Top-tier recruits to serve the higher positions within your business.

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