What are personality tests?

Personality tests assess a whole array of personality traits. The tests we use cover more than 20 traits and are based on the HEXACO model.

Developed by chartered occupational psychologists, our personality tests assess key skills which are essential to the everyday working environment.

Why do employers use personality tests?

Employers use personality tests as they reveal a candidate's key skills and how they will fit in with the company and the company culture. Since culture fit is increasingly important in successful teams, it's no surprise these are used by employers hiring for a wide range of roles.

What is the personality test format?

Numerical reasoning tests take the form of multiple choice questions. And of course, unlike verbal reasoning tests, there will be definite ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

Personality tests include a series of of questions and multiple choice questions. Tests are timed to ensure candidates are judged both for quality and speed.

The number of questions and the amount of allotted time vary from test to test, but typically candidates will be given about one minute per question.

What skills does personality testing assess?

It covers a huge range of skills, traits, drives and values. On top of these, personality tests will reveal a candidates ability to focus on key information, to handle pressure and work under time constraints.

Personality Tests

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