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Candidate screening involves a detailed examination of the details that a potential candidate presents with their application. Occasionally, a candidate will specifically tune their application for the job at hand, and while not necessarily a false representation, it may not fulfil the full requirements a business has for a given role. More often than not, the ideal talent may have skills and capabilities well beyond those required, but may not see those as important to mention at first.

Our screening and verification service therefore aims to develop a clear picture of what a candidates true potential is, and how their fit within your business environment may bring change, improvements and growth.

In recent times, remote recruiting has been the most popular type of working, with global talent now being at the fingertips of companies worldwide. And unlike a normal localized recruiting operation, remote candidates may submit experience and evidence which is vastly more challenging to verify. We therefore rely upon a complex network of AI assisted screening techniques to ensure that all candidates we recommend have passed the verifications required of our clients.

Nomadic Guild can help your business leverage our experience, products and services to grow your global talentforce and bring change, innovation and growth to your business.

Price starting from just $150

An in-depth look into any potential candidate to fit your role.