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The keystone to all employment is the interview. Gone are the days when a simple informal chat would suffice to assess a candidate’s validity to a role. In remote working, this is of particular importance, given that future employees will be required to take on a much more independent, and self-motivated role in order to fulfil their tasks.

The interview process serves as a journey of discovery with the candidate, and many times, employers fail at this stage due to adherence to the ‘tried and proven’ methods of the past, which were never designed to take into account the challenges posed by remote working.

At Nomadic Guild we have developed techniques that help us perform both pre-interviews as well as final interviews which not only ask the right questions, but also put across the right points. The interview may sometimes be the point at which an employment opportunity is extended, while at other times, this may be a decision taken at a later date. Either way, a candidate should leave the interview having a clear idea of what their chances are, and what the next steps are.

Interviews look beyond the skill and experience on a CV/Resume. Interviewers look for a candidate’s potential for future growth and whether they can adapt to the job environment. In general, three types of interviews are conducted: unstructured, puzzle and structured interviews.
Unstructured situational interviews are the most common type where interviewers ask arbitrary questions, and the candidate’s responses are judged by a personal set of criterion. These are often effective in niche workplaces, but not often useful in remote, digital employment.
Puzzle interviews include case studies that let the interviewers observe the candidates' analytical, problem-solving skills and intellect.
Structured situational interviews are the most beneficial because they provide consistent communication between the candidate and interviewer. Candidates in structured interviews can think about the role they will be offered in the job.

As positions are rarely the same between employers, Nomadic Guild is able to create custom interview styles, measurement metrics and report templates for all the industries we cover.

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