Why recruit with
Nomadic Guild

Here are 5 ways Nomadic Guild bring innovation and evolution for your business:

We're a remote-only recruiter

We only do one thing, which is remote recruiting. That makes us very good at what we do, despite the quasi-niche element of remote recruiting.

We're fast

Most of our engagements are completed within 21 days*. That makes us one of the fastest retained recruiters in the industry.

We take privacy VERY seriously

So seriously, you won't find a mention of any of our clients anywhere. We don't use clients as a selling point to other clients.

We have global reach

We have candidates worldwide from hundreds of countries and thousands of backgrounds. Choice is abundant.

We offer a full-scale solution

Our clients benefit from a recruiter able to provide a full-suite of services, saving time and money in the process.

* Based on data collected from Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021. Delivery times may be longer depending on additional services requested by clients.