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The legal & insurance industry is all about managing risk. But supply firms are grappling with a proliferation of risks on all sides, forcing them to reconsider their business models. Innovation, technology, data, analytics, the internet and mobile continue to disrupt the market. The war for talent and changing customer expectations mean it’s harder than ever for insurers to create strategies to differentiate themselves. Combine these challenges with low interest rates, demographic changes, increased competition and consolidation, and catastrophes. Firms are turning to digitization, cost optimization, M&A and new ways to work as survival strategies.

To address these challenges and meet their business goals, firms need systemic people and organizational strategies. Nomadic Guild offers an innovative way to cater for this change, with our global talent pool of remote professionals, helping to identify future leaders, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. We build smart leadership strategies based on incisive data insights and in-depth industry expertise. We guide firms in establishing processes and hiring the talent necessary to propel these strategies and build dynamic cultures of success.

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Through our world-class, AI-assisted candidate sourcing techniques, we bring global talent to leading legal & insurance firms. Our processes and systems ensure that your business is supplied with the talent it needs, when it needs it. To find out how Nomadic Guild can help your legal or insurance firm attract & retain the best remote talent, contact us today.


Industry Specific Consulting

Our team of recruiters are able to help your business make the most of your recruiting drive. From developing a recognizable brand candidates strive to work with, to retaining and expanding your existing workforce.

We work with businesses at all stages of the enterprise spectrum, so if your business could benefit from professional, impartial and accountable advice, contact one of our expert consultants today.

Testing & Assessments

Having the right person for the job is more than a wisdom, it's the difference between growth and decline. This is why Nomadic Guild has built a series of testing parameters and assessment frameworks to help us gauge a candidates suitability for a clients business.

Additionally, we're able to custom create testing & assessment programs to suit individual clients' needs.


As part of our comprehensive offering, Nomadic Guild can offer client's a full turn around service, including interviewing of candidates. We work with client's to understand their needs and targets, and develop an interviewing strategy which allows us to deliver a truly turn-key solution as far as talent is concerned.

For more information on how we can help your business streamline its recruiting process, please click here.

Services &

Short-term staff required for a set time or project.
Expertise when needed.

Long term recruits filling the most common positions within your business.

Top-tier recruits to serve the higher positions within your business.



Contract Contract placements are not subject to minimum or maximum length of engagement. There is no percentage service fee added subject to pay scale. Stated values are final and all-inclusive.

Permanent A minimum fee applies of US$11,250. If the salary package value is less than or equivalent to US$60,000 (or equivalent in local currency), then the minimum fee will apply. For all salary packages above this, the stated percentage value will apply.

Executive A minimum fee applies of US$21,000. If the salary package value is less than or equivalent to US$100,000 (or equivalent in local currency), then the minimum fee will apply. For all salary packages above this, the stated percentage value will apply.

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