& Plan

Before launching a recruitment engagement, our experts analyse the job position, the current market balance, and create a strategic plan on how to position your job to our database of candidates. If a suitable candidate is not within our database, then we plan for a search phase to bring in the desired talent.

& Execute

With a plan in place, our recruiters then begin the hands-on part of the job; searching. Unlike some recruiters, we don't just add your job to a listing board and wait for candidates to come to us. We use a mix of our own personal candidate database, as well as advanced search techniques to source candidates from all over the world that meet & exceed the roles requirements.

& Delivery

Metrics are used in all parts of the recruiting process, and the biggest metric is the quality of our deliveries. As a retained-only recruiting agency, we're not subject to outsourced competition, so when we deliver our candidate shortlist, you can be assured that all diligence, verification and testing checks have been completed.


From contract employment through to executive level appointments, our services offer a solution to all levels of roles throughout your enterprise. Additionally, we work with businesses of all sizes, from small startups, through to corporate & enterprise.


In our commitment to offer our clients the best services for remote talent acquisition, we have developed a state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which leverages AI to accelerate the candidate processing strategy. On top of this, all information is also verified by our skilled recruiters.

Key Points

Our recruitment model

Nomadic Guild is a retained-only recruiter, meaning we do NOT work on competing engagements, and only accept assignments from employers that we're able to add value to through our techniques and experience.

Our sucess rate

Unlike 'job board' recruiters that 'cast and wait', we actively search for and acquire talent for our customers. This way, we're in complete control of the recruiting process, mitigate time loss and ensure top quality talent is placed where needed.

Our average success rate of placement is 97%. This means that almost all placements we make will remain in the role for which they were hired indefinitely.

Our global reach

Just as with the role parameters we seek, we're also a globally distributed, remote business. This means we're able to work with employers from all over the world.

From a legal standpoint, however, we're a UK company, located within the UK, and thus governed by UK laws.

Our clients and us

Despite being a relatively new business in the world of recruiting, we're growing fast. Since our founding in August 2020, we've expanded to have over 10 full time recruiters based in 5 countries around the world, and completed in excess of 350 placements for companies ranging from single-person startups through to large multinational corporations.

We believe our small size serves as a benefit, as we're able to take a more personal approach to each and every customer, ensuring we provide a stable, long term relationship with each customer.


Success Rate

Percentage of placements that remained permanently employed.



Number of successful placements since our founding in 2020.

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